There are a number of different activities you can conduct outside of the store to build profile and awareness. Experiential campaigns bring a product to life. They need to be creative, they need to be eye-catching and they should be innovative. It’s about creating a connection between your brand and your customer.

Often part of a broader PR mix, experiential campaigns are rolled out at ‘street level’.

Sampling at key traffic areas is a great way to get people’s attention and can be undertaken at traffic lights, bus stops, train stations and other high traffic areas.

Here’s how it works:

  • Brief from Client
  • Creative Concept/Development
  • Execution – Nationwide or Regional

We have a full team of PR experts in house – where possible we will ustilse the PR to leverage your campaign.

This is what we will do for your campaign

Provide a creative concept or tie in with an existing concept

Provide additional merchandise for the campaign if required, which will be sourced and costed as part of our campaign brief

Train staff on job requirements

Gain council permission if necessary

Create the look and feel of the campaign from signage through to uniforms

Provide you with a post analysis