In Store Promotion

Product sampling with demonstration staff allows you to communicate the features and benefits of your brand direct to potential customers. A product sampler could talk up to 200 people in a 4-hour session, delivering key information that encourages shoppers to choose your brand.

One of the indirect benefits of “in store promotion” or in-store sampling is increasing product awareness. Not all product samples will convert into a sale there and then, but increased brand visibility makes your product more likely to be front of mind when customers are making buying decisions then and in future.

Here’s how it works:


You provide us with a brief on your objectives, timing and number of stores.
We will come back with a detailed proposal on roll out and campaign objectives.
This is what we will do for your campaign:

Other aspects of the campaign we can take care of:

Signage for stands


Disposables – cups/gloves/etc

Pointers for you to know:

We have staff in 6 regions but we can send to other regions

All sessions are a minimum of 3 hours but most clients prefer to do 4 hours in store to maximise staff time

If you require appliances/microwaves or other tools to do the job, please advise us at the time of briefing

What stores have we worked in?

Appliance stores – nationwide

Supermarkets – nationwide

Liquor stores – nationwide

Clothing stores – nationwide

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